Nearly 2,000 cannabis plants found in two properties in Leicestershire

Cannabis plants found in Houghton on the Hill
Cannabis plants found in Houghton on the Hill

Police have found nearly 2,000 cannabis plants at two properties in Houghton on the Hill in Leicestershire.

The discoveries were made at properties on Uppingham Road. The first discovery was in a flat where a warrant had been raised for non-payment of utility bills.

Further investigations revealed a second cannabis factory at a nearby house.

Police have removed the plants from the properties along with the cultivation equipment.

No arrests have been made as yet and investigations are continuing.

A police spokesman said: “If anyone has any information relating to the discovery of these plants, or suspects cannabis plants are being grown in their neighbourhood, please call us on 101.”

He added: “There are a number of signs that indicate a cannabis factory may be operating in your area. They include: closed windows with condensation building up, curtains drawn at all times, humming noises and strange smells coming from the property. You may also see intermittent visits from the occupants and large amounts of industrial electrical equipment being brought to the building.”

Anyone wishing to report anything anonymously can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.