Watch this amazing surprise proposal at the Highcross Leicester

A couple’s regular shopping trip to the Highcross Shopping Centre was transformed into an amazingly choreographed marriage proposal.

Matthew Brookes from Thurmaston in Leicester wanted to propose to Roxanne Gyles in a really special way.

So he chose the Highcross Shopping Centre, along with music, choreographed dancers and pictures of the couple on the big screen.

The proposal was pre-arranged with the Highcross, who were happy to accommodate Matthew’s special request.

As the couple approach the outdoor square at the Highcross, they are greeted by dancers swinging to the Bruno Mars hit ‘I wanna marry you’.

As Roxanne watches in amazement, Matthew joins in with the dancers, moving in-sync with the intricate choreography, as images of the couple light up the big screen.

Matthew then bends down on one knee, presents a ring and proposes to Roxanne. As she accepts, glasses of champagne are handed to the couple in celebration.

The couple were joined by friends and family who wanted to share this special occasion. The amazing video has recently been posted online by Matthew and has already had over 20,000 views.