Imam and Priest’s festive message in Amazon Christmas advert

Amazon has launched a new TV advert, ahead of Black Friday and Christmas, featuring an imam and a vicar exchanging gifts. The touching advert stars Zubeir Hassam from Leicester and pushes a message of inter-faith friendship at a divisive time in the UK and US.

With anti-Muslim incidents in the UK increasing, Amazon said its new advert is about “selflessness and thinking of other people”.

The advert features a real practising vicar from London and the imam is played by the principal of the Oadby Mosque in Leicester.

Zubeir Hassam from Oadby told Leiceseter Updates that he learned about the casting for the advert through his son. Zubeir then attended two auditions in London, after which he was selected for the role of the imam.

Zubeir has been amazed by the response to the advert, which has been seen worldwide. He hopes the advert conveys a positive message that “communities from different backgrounds can all get along with each other. We all need to make an effort to interact and understand each other”.

The advert tells a story of a Christian vicar and a Muslim imam who are lifelong friends but who aren’t as sprightly as they were in their youth.

One day the vicar has a moment of inspiration and decides to do something to make the imam’s life and work a little easier. What the vicar doesn’t know, is that the imam also has the same idea for the vicar.

The advert will run in the UK, US and Germany and has already aired in the UK during Wednesday’s Coronation Street on ITV.