Bishops welcomed by Leicester Muslims during Ramadan

The Bishops of Leicester and Lougborough have been welcomed by the Muslim community in Leicester during their visits to local mosques in Ramadan.

Bishop Martyn visited Masjid Ul Imam Al Bukhari on Loughborough Road for iftari, the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fasting at sunset. It was a very informal gathering with warm hospitality offered and delicious food.

Bishop Guli was also given a warm welcome to the Central Mosque by Imam Shahid Raza and Counsellor Mustafa Malik during a daytime visit.

Bishop Guli visited Leicester Central Mosque, where she was greeted by Imam Shahid Raza

She enjoyed a tour of the facilities, and an interesting discussion of the points of connection between Islam and Christianity, as well as the challenges facing the Muslim community locally.