Body of missing Leicester man found in Colombia

A Leicester man who was reported missing in Colombia last week has been found dead at the foot of a waterfall.

Joe Tilley’s body was found at the Fin del Mundo waterfall, in the south-western Putumayo region, on Saturday 12 May.

Joe’s father, Ian Hussey and stepfather, Brad Cooke had both flown out to the Colombian jungle to join the rescue efforts, after he was last seen near the waterfall a week earlier.

The 24-year-old from Knighton was an experienced traveller and visited many parts of the world. He had been in Columbia since February and always kept in touch with his family whilst he was out there.

A Facebook page to try and find Joe was set up by his friends after he went missing and it was through this that Joe’s mum announced the discovery of his body.

A post on the @FindJoeTilley Twitter page said he was found at the “lower part of the waterfall” at 11:30 columbian time on Saturday.

His mum added: “the search team have suggested he fell.”

An online crowdfunding page is trying to raise £4,500 to bring Mr Tilley’s body back to the UK and to help pay for his funeral.

The Foreign and Common Wealth Office is assisting the family and said: “Our staff are supporting the family of a British man who has died in Colombia and are in touch with the local authorities.”