Boy from Leicestershire has five-organ transplant

A boy from Leicestershire has undergone a five-organ transplant, the biggest transplant to have ever been carried out at the hospital.

Seven-year-old, Jay Crouch, underwent the operation at the Children’s Birmingham Hospital, where he was given five new organs.

Jay is now able to swallow food for the first time in his life after receiving two new kidneys, a liver, pancreas and small bowel.

The donated organs came from another child and surgeons had to work extremely quickly to get the organs to Jay and attach them to his main artery and vein.

Jay’s mum, Katie Freestone, said: “It’s a really happy situation for us but it’s come at a sad situation for somebody else.”

“There’s nothing I could say to express my gratitude. There’s not enough words to say how grateful I am.”

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