Brave bus driver stabbed on Evington Road

A bus driver has been stabbed on Leicester’s Evington Road, as he tried to disarm a knife from his attacker.

The attack took place in the afternoon on the busy main road, near the corner of St Stephen’s Road.

The man was driving his bus when he reportedly stopped and stepped out because somebody was kicking the bus.

A scuffle then ensued between the driver and a young man wielding a knife. As the driver tried to take the knife off the young man, he was stabbed in the torso.


A 19 year old man had been taken into
custody following the incident. The driver was taken to hospital where his injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

A section of the road had been closed while police carried out their investigation. This has now re-opened.

It is believed the driver managed to disarm the attacker after being stabbed and held him to the ground until the police arrive. Local residents have called him ‘very brave’ and a ‘hero’.