Two cancer patients from Leicestershire feature in national TV advert

The moving story of two women from Leicestershire who met and became friends whilst being treated for cancer will feature in a national TV advert for Cancer Research UK.

Mandie Stace from Melton Mowbray and Jude Price from Loughborough are supporting the ‘Right Now’ campaign, which calls on people to take action in the fight against cancer.

The advert was filmed at the Leicester Royal Infirmary where both Mandie and Jude were having treatment for Lymphoma cancer. The ad shows Mandie sitting at Jude’s hospital bedside, both joking and laughing about their hair falling out after receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Jude jokes that she ‘needs a comb-over’ to cover a bald patch and Mandie replies ‘There’s not enough for a comb-over dear – sorry’. The friends then collapse in giggles. The moment is both humorous and touching.

Mandie, 36, has two children and works in the family business alongside husband Gregg. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in May 2016 after noticing swelling to her arm and neck.

She said:” The news that it was cancer was a real shock as I’d been such a fit person”.

Jude, 48, a former primary school teacher has two children and was diagnosed in March. The Doctors at first couldn’t detect cancer but almost three years later she was told she had a rare form of Lymphoma cancer.

The advert will launch on Boxing Day and will feature on TV, radio and a series of posters across the country. The aim is to inspire people across the country to get involved.