Police find £60,000 cannabis factory in Leicester

Police raided a cannabis factory in South Leicester, which contained plants worth around £60,000.

The raid took place in the week and along with the plants, officers found heating, lighting and ventilation equipment.

Police have not revealed the exact location of the building or whether any arrests were made during the raid.

South Leicester Police tweeted: “A Cannabis Grow was discovered today on the South Leicester Area and dealt with. Around £60,000 worth of Cannabis has been removed from the streets.”


Police have warned that buildings cultivating cannabis can pose a danger to neighbouring properties, as gangs usually tamper with the electric supply to bypass the mains.

Residents have been urged to remain vigilant and look out for a number of signs that indicate a cannabis factory may be operating in your area. They include: closed windows with condensation building up, curtains drawn at all times, humming noises and strange smells coming from the property.

Police bag the evidence after finding £60,000 worth of cannabis at an undisclosed building in South Leicester

You may also see intermittent visits from the occupants and large amounts of industrial electrical equipment being brought to the building.

If you have any information about illegal drugs in your area, please call Leicestershire Police or Crime Stoppers on 0800555111.

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