Cat killed after fireworks are strapped to it and set off

A cat has died after it was strapped with two fireworks which were then set off in a cruel and senseless act.

The incident happened in Derby over the bonfire weekend. Derbyshire Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

Sam Copeland-Whelan said she was heartbroken when her brother called her to tell her he had found the cat, still alive, in Thorndike Avenue in Derby on Saturday afternoon.

Sam, who has six cats of her own, said her brother called her to warn her to keep her cats safe. It’s not known who the dead cat belonged to.


The emergency vet was called who arrived at the scene but the cat died shortly afterwards.

Sam said: “It upset me so much when my brother came across the cat. It was still alive, although it was in a very bad way. It had been tortured”.

“It had two firework rockets attached to it. All of its fur was no longer on it and one of its legs had been ripped off. The fireworks had gone off”.

“It looked appalling and by the time the emergency vet came to the scene it had sadly died. It did well to survive so long. It’s so sad and tragic. My brother believes the cat was pinned down and then had the rockets attached to its body”.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Police said they are appealing for information and asking members of the public to get in touch with them if they can help with their enquiries.