Cat makes miraculous recovery after being shot in Leicester

A cat had a “lucky escape” after he was “deliberately” shot with a crossbow in Leicester.

The RSPCA said the cat, dubbed Robin Hood, was found injured in Glenfield.

They described the attack as “sickening” after the crossbow bolt lodged into Robin’s shoulder and came out through his cheek.

Robin was found by a passer-by and was immediately taken to a vet, who managed to surgically remove the large bolt before contacting the welfare charity.

Inspector Karl Marston said: “It’s sickening that anyone would want to injure or kill a cat. This cat had a very lucky escape – it’s a miracle that no serious damage was done.”

The charity is appealing for information to find the person responsible for the crossbow attack.

The charity has also launched an appeal to find a new home for Robin, after being unable to track down the original owners.

Robin was lucky to survive the crossbow attack

Robin is FIV positive, so he needs to be the only cat in his future home and kept indoors.

“We hope he’ll find a lovely new home where he’ll be safe and loved,” said Mr Martson.

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