Police investigate video of child with bag on his head in Leicester

A video of a young child with a plastic bag over his head shared on social media has been investigated by Police.

Officers received a call from a worried member of the public at 7.40pm yesterday, who had seen the video and was concerned for the child’s safety.

Police identified the individuals involved and visited the address, where enquires into the video were carried out.

After viewing the film in its entirety, officers established the children had been playing a game during which a young child put a bag over his own head.


East Midlands Ambulance Service attended the address and confirmed the child hadn’t suffered any injuries as a result of his actions.

Officers spoke to those involved and offered advice. Support from police and partner agencies will also be given to the family going forward.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said: “Earlier this evening, officers were made aware of a video which was being circulated on social media showing a young child with a bag over their head.”

”Enquires into the video have been conducted and the individuals involved have been identified and spoken to.”

“The full version of the video has been viewed by officers which confirmed the incident wasn’t as reported. The call was of good intent and we thank the public for their vigilance.”

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