Council Tax to increase across Leicester and Leicestershire

Proposals to increase council tax in Leicester and Leicestershire have been agreed.

The county council approved an increase of just under 4%, while the city council voted for a rise of just under 3%. 

Leicestershire County Council said its increase will allow an additional £94m to be spent on services including special educational needs and disability support.

In addition to the 4% increase, the county council will also make £75m cost savings in the next financial year.

Deputy council leader, Byron Rhodes, said: “These are challenging times. Rising demand for services – especially special educational needs and disability support – is ramping up pressure on our budgets.”

“But taking tough decisions and saving £200m since 2010 has put us in a strong position, especially compared to other councils. And with savings, our books balance for two years before we see a shortfall.”

“As the lowest funded county, we’re using our finite resources to invest in supporting vulnerable people, set out a significant capital programme without borrowing a penny and have been named the most productive council for the second year.”

“Securing funding reform remains key. That’s why we’re continuing to work with Government ministers and do everything we can to bring about a long-term, sustainable, costed funding plan for councils.”