Dealers threw £45k of cocaine in River Soar while being chased by Police

Two men who tried to evade police by dumping £45k worth of high purity cocaine into the River Soar were sentenced today.

Shannon Riley (pictured above) and Ezra Sterling were arrested after being seen taking part in a drugs exchange in Januray this year.

When Police descended on them, the pair drove off. As they travelled over a bridge across the River Soar, Riley threw a plastic ‘bag for life’ into the water below.

Images captured by Police of Riley trying to dispose of the drugs in the River Soar

The bag was subsequently recovered by officers and found to contain just over a kilogram of high purity cocaine, valued at around £45,000, and once cut with an adulterant, attracting a street value worth many times this amount.


Both men were arrested the following month. Police also recovered a quantity of dealer bags from Sterling’s home.

The men, both from Leicester, were sentenced today (Friday 11 August). Riley was handed a five year, eight month prison sentence. Sterling was given a 12 month suspended sentence and 100 hours unpaid work.

Detective Sergeant Lindsay O’Nion said: “The quick actions by attending officers, with help from a local canoeist, to retrieve the jettisoned drugs from the river secured vital evidence and ultimately prevented a significant amount of drugs from reaching the streets of Leicestershire.”

“Whether it be low level dealing, or highly organised trafficking and distribution, we are committed to tackling all drug offences and putting those responsible before the courts.”

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