What are the dream jobs for modern youngsters in Leicester?

When it comes to a dream job, modern youngsters now aspire to be writers/bloggers, artists and YouTube sensations over more traditional careers.

A survey of young people aged between 12 to 25 and adults over 50 has found 92% of youngsters would prefer not to follow in their parent’s footsteps, moving away from careers such as medicine and teaching for more creative jobs. Youngsters are also more likely to rank factors such as finding the right job more important than money.

For the older generation, 43% believe that youngsters have more opportunities now than they did when they were young. A further 15% of older folk believe they were pressured by their parents to follow a particular career path.

Phil Samuels of Currys PC World, which commissioned the survey said: “Generations of today have so many more options and opportunities than older age groups and the internet and development of technology has aided that growth”.


Top 5 Dream Jobs:
1. Writer
2. YouTube sensation
3. Artist
4. Photographer
5. Clothes designer

Leicester Updates spoke to youngsters in Leicester to see what their dream jobs would be. This is a selection of their responses.

Nicola Williams (22): “I would love to be a TV broadcaster. I I love the idea of getting a story, conveying it and sharing that information.”

Dave Preston (23): “I want to start my own business. I’d like to have flexibility around how I work and be able to earn based on my own potential.”

Jay Patel (19):“I have always wanted to be a Teacher. That’s what my dream job would be.”

Kayleigh McEnay (17): “I want to be a fashion designer. I’ve recently started my own fashion blog but my dream job would be to be a designer for a big fashion brand.”

Mohammed Kaif (21): “I am doing a degree in Psychology. I’m interested in how people behave, their mental processes and I would like to specialise in this.”