Dying mum desperate to raise £100k for treatment to spend more time with baby daughter

A mother from Leicester who has terminal cancer is desperately trying to raise £100k in a bid to prolong her life to spend more time with her new born baby daughter.

The justGiving Page has raised over £91,000, over 90% of the target needed.

In December 2017, Kate Geraghty, 34, who lives with her partner Paul Dhillon, 35, found a small lump on the left side of her face 2 days before giving birth to her first child, Ivy.

Concerned she spoke to the medical staff that were looking after her during her pregnancy. She was reassured it was a raised gland due to a virus she was recovering from.

Kate and Paul were sent home with their new baby to enjoy her first Christmas and New Year together, but all the while the lump continued to grow.

Within 2 weeks of finding the lump it had almost doubled in size and Kate went to see a doctor who again said it was nothing to worry about. However the lump continued to grow and Kate continued to worry.

By now the lump had grown further and Kate’s dad urged her to go back and see a doctor again.

When Kate was seen by another Doctor, he immediately raised concern and urgently referred her for some tests.

Kate Geraghty with partner Paul Dhillon

It took another two weeks before Kate and Paul were given the devastating results from the biopsies, which confirmed that Kate had a very aggressive form of cancer called High Grade Metastatic Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma, which had already spread to her lymph nodes.

Unfortunately, the cancer is not curable and it has spread vigorously. She has been offered palliative care, however Kate needs to travel to Germany to get immunotherapy. This will help to prolong her life and give her more quality time with 16 week old Ivy.

Kate’s sister, Rebecca set up the crowdfunding page to try and raise the money they so desperately need for the immunotherapy treatment.

If you would like to donate to the fund, you can do so on this JustGiving page.