Police search for fake doctor behind lottery scam

Police are warning people not to fall for a lottery scam after two people became victims in Leicester.

Officers say the suspects seem to be “targeting elderly Asian men and women.”

The scammers target people with a story that they’ve won a large sum on the lottery but cannot claim the winnings as they do not have the required identification.

The most recent incident took place in the afternoon of Thursday 18 May. The victim was standing at a bus stop on Goodwood Road, when he was approached by two men.


One of the men claimed to be a doctor and even wore a stethoscope around his neck. The suspects drove the victim to his house and then to a bank on Uppingham Road, where he withdrew a substantial amount of cash from his account and handed it to the men.

In a second case, a 67-year-old man was approached in Dulverton Road by a woman who claimed she had won the lottery. The woman was joined by another man, who persuaded the victim to give them cash in return for the lottery ticket.

The suspects are described as Asian. One of them has a dark complexion, about 5ft 3ins tall, of medium build and aged 45 to 50 years-old. He was wearing a hat and carrying a metal walking stick. He spoke English but not fluently, with an Asian accent.

The second suspect claimed he was a doctor. He was 35 to 40 years-old and slightly shorter than the first suspect, with short dark hair. He wore a long dark coat, dark trousers and had an ID card and stethoscope around his neck.

Police are urging people to make elderly relatives or neighbours aware of this scam to help protect them.

If you have any information about these incidents or if you’ve been approached in similar circumstances, please contact Leicestershire Police on 101.