Fake doctor from Leicester tried to kill family

A man who tried to murder his wife and her family in a brutal attack has been jailed for a total of 28 years.

Satya Thakor, aged 36, of Normanton Road, Leicester, was found guilty of three counts of attempted murder and was sentenced on Monday (3 February).

The court heard that Thakor had lied to his family about being a doctor for seven years and feared being found out.

The attacks took place in the early hours of 14 May 2019 when Thakor, his wife Nisha and daughter had travelled from their home in Leicester to his mother-in-law’s house in Berkshire.


Thakor first attempted to suffocate his 58-year-old mother-in-law while she slept, before stabbing her repeatedly in bed.

On hearing her screams, his wife entered the room and Thakor attacked her too, stabbing her in the neck, arm and leg.

Thakor then stabbed his wife’s 36-year-old brother, before entering the next room and stabbing his brother-in-law’s wife.

Police found Thakor in the bath where he had stabbed himself and was shouting about demons.

Thakor was charged with the offences on 27 May and during the trial, he maintained he had no recollection of the events.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Sunny Sikh said: “This was a brutal attack in which Thakor tried to kill several people whom he knew by repeatedly stabbing them.”

“They were at home during this – in a place where they should have had every right to feel safe.”

“I can only imagine how terrifying this was for his victims and what they went through that night. It is fortunate that none of them were killed, but I know that the trauma of their ordeal will stay with them for a very long time.”

“He will now be spending a significant amount of time in prison. I hope that this will help his victims continue with the long process of recovery, and that they feel that justice has been done.”