Family find dead maggot inside Tesco cooked chicken

A family were left disgusted after cutting open a pre-cooked Tesco chicken to find a dead maggot inside.

Pregnant Julie Finney, 26, was carving the chicken when she spotted the dead maggot inside. She rushed upstairs to the bathroom to be sick and has had an upset stomach ever since she made the grim discovery.

Julia’s fiance Nathan Varia, 27, bought the chicken from Tesco at Beaumont Leys in Leicester on Sunday.

The carer prepared it later the same day and was serving up dinner when she spotted the grub inside.


The mum-of-one said: “I started taking the chicken apart and it was just stuck there on one of the gristly bits. I screamed and Nathan ran in and I asked him what it was”.

“Then I ran upstairs and was sick and I’ve had an upset stomach and been feeling sick ever since.”

Tree surgeon Nathan, who lives with Julie and their seven-month-old daughter Esmai added:

“She’d already eaten a bit and was sick. She’s not felt right since. It makes it worse because she’s five months pregnant.”


Nathan took the chicken back to the Tesco store on the same day and was offered a refund but says that isn’t good enough.

He added: “They froze the chicken in front of me and froze the maggot in a bag next to it and said it would be sent off to their head office”.

“They printed me out a refund but we want compensating, it’s disgusting. Julia has been feeling sick since we found that maggot.”

Tesco confirmed an investigation had been launched into this.

A spokesperson said: “There’s nothing more important than the quality and freshness of our food so we were surprised to hear of this incident”.

“We will be investigating with our supplier and will keep Ms Finney updated with our findings.”