Hinckley Road explosion: Accused confesses to fatal blast in prison

A shopkeeper has “confessed” to a fellow prisoner that he caused the fatal blast at his store, a court has heard.

The prosecution said Aram Kurd spoke to another inmate while on remand about what he’d done, which “amounts to a confession”.

It’s alledged the defendant talked about how he could get away with it, that his motive was insurance and how he believed the insurance firm would pay more if people died.

Five people, including three members of the same family, were killed in the explosion on Hinckley Road in Leicester in February.

The inmate said Aram Kurd told him he moved a CCTV camera at the shop prior to the explosion and prepared the petrol the day before.

He then poured petrol into the basement and used other liquids “to make the explosion bigger”.

The prosecution said that the defendant would only know this if he’d been there as this hadn’t been made public.

In the aftermath of the blast, it was said Mr Kurd repeatedly told witnesses he had avoided the explosion as he had been getting beer at the rear of the shop. However, the prosecution said he “knew where to be” to avoid being hurt.

It’s claimed Mr Kurd also told the other prisoner that shopkeeper Viktorija Ijevleva was not meant to survive the explosion because she knew about the insurance.

He said he didn’t want to split the payout with her.

Mr Kurd and two other defendants deny five charges of murder, five charges of manslaughter and a charge of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.

The trial continues.