Final week for the iconic Fenwick store in Leicester

Fenwick store on Market Street in Leicester

This week will see the last week of trading at the iconic Fenwick store in Leicester, with the branch set to close down on Friday 31st March.

The department store has been a prominent sight in Leicester city centre for over 50 years.

However, changing shopping habits and the rise of online shopping has hit the store hard. Nearly 100 staff will lose their jobs as part of the closure.

The store intends to launch a new online platform to allow customers to continue shopping with the brand. Many believe the retailer should have offered an online option much earlier.

Fenwick’s has always been an ‘offline’ store, and while the group, which also has shops in London, Canterbury, Newcastle and York among others, has a website, it simply offered information in the past, rather than allowing visitors to buy items available instore.

The demise of the iconic store was greeted with shock and dismay by shoppers, many of whom have fond memories of the brand.

The store is currently offering a clearance sale, with discounts across its Fashion, Accessories, Beauty, Home, Furniture, Electricals and Luggage ranges.

The company has said it will stand by any guarantee in relation to goods purchased in the Leicester store. Any orders already placed by customers will also be fulfilled under its regular policy.

All other Fenwick stores will continue to trade as usual.