Residents alarmed by ‘flaming planes’ and ‘aliens’ over Leicester skies

Residents were being reassured not to be alarmed over two ‘flaming planes’ in the night skies over Leicester.

Leicestershire Police were forced to issue a message to reassure residents after receiving reports of two aircrafts lighting up the sky last night.

The Police received a number of calls from people, with some saying they had seen ‘flaming planes’ in the sky to others worried about an ‘alien invasion’.

Officers had to tweet to reassure people that it was just a pyrotechnic display by aircrafts in the south of Leicester.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said: “We are aware of a planned event where fireworks are being set off from planes in the Wigston and Leicester area.”

“Please do not report this to the police as we have been advised by the organisers already.”

The Police also advised that the display will also be taking place on Saturday night in the Bruntingthorpe area.

It’s believed the aircraft firework display was part of a publicity stunt by the BBC for a new show.

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