Flat sealed off by Police for anti social behaviour in Leicester

Police have sealed off a flat in the city centre which has been creating problems for local residents with persistent anti social behaviour (ASB).

The occupants of the flat, at 39a West Street, have been reported for their anti social behaviour by the local residents, including reports of drug dealing at the address.

Earlier this week, Leicester Magistrates Court granted a full closure order, forcing the occupants from the property for three months. A copy of the closure notice ordered has been displayed outside the flat.

Inspector Manjit Atwal of Central Leicester Neighbourhood Policing Area (NPA) said: “We have received numerous complaints from local residents about activity at this address. It is completely unacceptable and has seriously affected the lives and wellbeing of residents living nearby.”

“We have taken necessary action to bring the unacceptable behaviour to an end. We owe it to people living nearby to take steps which will allow them to live in safety and peace without having to tolerate this.”

Anyone breaching the order can be arrested and, if found guilty, could face a punishment of up to six months in prison and an unlimited fine.

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