Two men jailed for attacking friend who won £6,500

Two men have been jailed for attacking a friend who won £6,500 at the bookies. The victim was slashed with a knife, beaten up and his bank card taken away from him.

The attack on the 49-year-old man was so severe that his nose was broken, causing a bleed on his brain.

The victim was so shaken up by the attack that he’s now moved out of Leicester and fears going out at night.

Two men were in court for their part in the robbery and assault.

Shaun Astill, 40, attacked the victim with a knife. The other defendant Alexander Dawson, 23, took the victims’ bank card to gain access to his account.

Astill, of Bonney Road, Leicester received a five year, four month jail sentence.

Dawson, of Tudor Close, Leicester, was sentenced to three years and seven months.

Detective Constable Vicki Hudson said:

“This was a horrific attack and one which has left the victim with life-long injuries, which he is still struggling to come to terms with.

Both the offenders are well known to the police and I hope that their prison sentences show that the community will not put up with their criminal activities, risking the lives of others”.