Gang jailed for bringing £1.6million of cocaine into Leicester

Six men have been jailed for almost 60 years for their part in a large scale drugs operation believed to be worth up to £1.6million.

The men were sentenced over two days (Wednesday and Thursday) at Leicester Crown Court.

Sentencing the six men, Jason Gooch, Daniel Witheridge, Rishi Karir, Jonathon Lightbown, Francesco Dimola and Christopher Smith, the judge said a long sentence was necessary to deter others.

Jonathan Lightbrown was arrested on 22 November last year and was found to have 2kg of cocaine in the car he was driving.


Police had carried out covert observations on him and saw an exchange between him and Gooch in the car park of a fast food restaurant at Meridian Leisure Park in Leicester.

Further arrests were made after investigators tracked the movements of the defendants through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and analysis of phone data to see who was in contact with whom.

As part of the operation, it was established that a large amount of high purity cocaine was delivered into Leicestershire, thought to be worth up to £1.6million.

Investigator Rosie Wood said: “This is a successful end to a lengthy investigation into the supply of drugs into the city.

“These men will be in prison, making the streets of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, safer places to be.”