Highcross carrying out random bag searches for increased security

The Highcross Shopping Centre is carrying out random bag searches as part of its increased security measures.

The Highcross has assured customers that the searches aren’t in response to a specific threat, but is part of an ‘enhanced security procedure’ following recent terror attacks.

Customers passing through the centre will be chosen on a random basis for the bag checks.

As a key location at the heart of the city, the centre wants to make customer safety their number one priority.

Armed police have also been patrolling the centre as part of the nation’s terror threat rise to critical earlier last month.

A statement on social media from the shopping centre said: “We would like to make customers aware that the centre is operating random cursory bag searches and we apologise for any inconvenience.”

It added: “This measure does not relate to any specific threat, it is part of our enhanced security procedures following recent events.”

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