Leicester could see some of the hottest weather in UK this week

The East Midlands is expected to have some of the hottest weather in the UK over the next day or two. Temperatures could soar and exceed the hottest September day in the UK for more than 50 years.

NHS England has issued a level-two heat alert, which means there is a high chance that an average temperature of 30C (86F) by day and 15C (59F) overnight will occur.

Temperatures in the upper 20Cs have been forecast in England until Friday, with London possibly reaching 31C (88F) on Tuesday, the Met Office said.

Public Health Bodies have urged caution, saying the weather can pose a risk to health.

They have advised temperatures could have a significant effect on a person’s health if they last for at least two days and the night in between.

Leicester Updates would like to remind readers to take precautions to protect themselves from the heat. This includes:

1. Stay hydrated – Drink cool beverages (preferably water). Don’t wait until you are thirsty

2. Keep cool – Spend the hottest hours of the day (between 11am and 2pm) out of the sun and heat in a cool location

3. Keep your home cool – Open windows, close shades, use an air conditioner and prepare meals that do not require an oven

4. Avoid sunburn – stay in the shade and use appropriate sunscreen products

5. Check in on others – People living alone are at high risk of severe heat related illness. Check regularly on older people and those who are unable to leave their homes

Take care and enjoy the weather.