Kasabian gig in Leicester’s Victoria Park gets go-ahead

A hometown concert by Kasabian in Leicester’s Victoria Park has been given a licence to go-ahead by the council.

There was concern that possible drunken behaviour and a late finish may see the event being cancelled or moved. The licence has been granted on the condition that that the concert finishes at 10:30pm.

The Leicester rock band has sold all 50,000 tickets for the gig in the city’s Victoria Park in June.

However, the band’s 2014 concert led to reports of vandalism and people urinating in the street.


The council’s licensing committee met earlier and heard various concerns around the event, as well as reasons why the concert should go ahead.

Leicestershire Police said that they were not against the event, but wanted to ensure it finished at an appropriate time to get people home.

Phil Cryer, on behalf of Live Nation, said: “What we need to do is balance the end time to meet the needs of people attending the concert and nearby residents.”

The event has been granted a licence on condition of a 10:30pm curfew and some restrictions on noise (with maximum music levels of 73d instead of the usual 75d).

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