Forty-seven victims of air disaster in Leicestershire remembered

The forty-seven victims of an airline crash in Leicestershire thirty years ago have been remembered in a special service today.

The Kegworth air distater was one of the worst air accidents to ever take place in Britain.

Survivors and family members of the 47 victims gathered for a service to remember those who died.

On 8 January 1989, a Boeing 737 carrying 126 people crashed on to the M1, not far from East Midlands Airport.

British Midland flight 92 had been diverted to East Midlands Airport after leaving Heathrow for Belfast when one of the plane’s engines caught fire.

The pilots then mistakenly switched off the wrong engine on the way to the airport. Both pilots miraculously survived the crash.

About 150 people gathered at a village church in Kegworth, where floral tributes and a wreath were placed in memory of those who died.

Members of the emergency services, who were first at the scene when the aircraft crashed were also present at the memorial.