Keith Vaz’s wife will forgive him but demands health tests

Keith Vaz's wife speaks out after sex revelations

The wife of Labour MP Keith Vaz has given a candid interview to a Sunday newspaper in which she expressed her shock over her husbands sex revelations. She said she felt like smashing crockery over his head, but will eventually ‘forgive him’ for cheating on her with two male escorts.

Maria Fernandes said she considered leaving Vaz, her husband for 23 years, but decided to give him a second chance. However, she warned ‘he needs to change or he’ll be slung out’.

Ms Fernandes, a successful lawyer and part-time judge, reveals that Vaz tearfully begged her for forgiveness. She had no inkling her husband enjoyed sex with men.

Vaz has agreed to undergo a course of tests for sexually transmitted diseases after admitting having unprotected sex with the gay escorts.


Having initially moved into a spare room, she has now moved back into the marital bed because she fears Vaz might be suicidal.

She spoke of her own anger and said her husband had done a terrible thing and had fallen badly. But she insisted she was speaking out because her love for him was greater than her anger.