KFC’s raw meal deal surprise

Hannah Schofield got a nasty surprise when she bit into her KFC meal.

Her chicken thigh was raw and bloodied. Her stomach churned as she realised what she had eaten.

Hannah had visited the KFC in Mowacre Hill, Leicester, along with her partner Ashley Spalding. They purchased a Family Chicken Bucket meal.

Everything seemed fine as they took the takeaway home. They ate a few pieces that evening and left the rest in the fridge.


The next day, when Hannah went to have some more, she got a nasty surprise. The chicken was pink and bloody.

She was disgusted and went back to KFC to complain.

Initially, staff members didn’t take her complaint seriously. She was eventually offered a full refund.

Hannah shared her story on social media and the incident has been getting some strong reaction from the public.

One comment read: “Imagine if a little child who didn’t know you can’t eat chicken like that had eaten it”.

Another comment read “That chicken should never have been served, the chicken got bruised and the blood kept near the bone”.