Portrait of Khun Vichai unveiled at Leicester museum

A portrait of Khun Vichai has been unveiled at a museum in Leicester, in tribute to the late Leicester City owner.

The painting was created by Leicester artist Paul Wright as part of a project about father and son relationships.

It was painted before Khun Vichai died but now has increased significance. A second portrait also featured Vichai’s son Aiyawatt.

A portrait of Aiyatt Srivaddhanaprabha also features in the exhibition

A reference card next to the portrait says: “Khun Vichai’s vision and belief inspired Leicester City to win the 2015-16 Premier League title after starting the season as 5000/1 rank outsiders, a stunning achievement which will forever remain in the hearts of the club’s supporters, fans and the people of Leicester.”


Paul Wright added: “I used to go to Filbert Street with my Dad as a kid. I’ve always been a football fan – it was fairly obvious the impact that he’d had.”

“Especially after he’d died, how much he’d contributed to the city, the hospitals, everyone around. It’s hard not be moved by by that, it was so tragic as well.”

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