Killers of Leicester jeweller jailed for life

Two men who were found guilty of the kidnap, murder and robbery of a 64-year-old jeweller from Leicester have been jailed for life.

A third man who was found guilty of kidnap, robbery and manslaughter has been jailed for 16 years.

Thomas Jervis (24) and Charles Mcauley (20), both from Leicester, were sentenced to life imprisonment at Birmingham Crown Court today.

Jervis was ordered to serve a minimum of 33 years while Mcauley was ordered to serve a minimum of 30 years.

The third man, Callan Reeve (20) was found guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

The three, who had previously admitted the kidnap and robbery of Mr Jogiya, were convicted following a five-week trial.

The trial had heard how Jervis, of Enderby Road, Mcauley, of Gooding Avenue and Reeve, of Biddle Road, were part of a gang who had spent weeks planning to rob a safe at Mr Jogiya’s jewellery shop in Leicester’s Belgrave Road.

On the evening of January 24 this year, the gang kidnapped the jeweller as he walked home from his shop and bundled him into a stolen van where Mr Jogiya was tortured to hand over the keys to his shop, the code for the alarm and the code for the safe.

However, despite the gangs meticulous planning, they had not realised the safe was on a 12-hour delay, and they could not get into it.

After being tortured, Mr Jogiya was then dumped and left to die alone in the middle of the countryside in Stoughton. He was found the next morning by a retired couple.

A post mortem examination found Mr Jogiya was beaten to death. He had suffered a total of 27 injuries including broken ribs, wounds to his face, hands and arms, and had died from a major brain injury caused by a severe assault to his head.

The detective who led the investigation, said: “These men had planned to kidnap and rob Mr Jogiya, but it went tragically wrong. They launched a sustained and ferocious attack on Mr Jogiya which ultimately killed him.”

“Today is the result of what has been an extremely intense six-month investigation with two men jailed for the murder of Mr Jogiya and one man for his manslaughter.”

“My thoughts remain with the family of Mr Jogiya and I hope today helps them to feel that some justice has been served. I again thank them for the dignity, patience and co-operation they have shown throughout this nightmare.”