Leicester comes top for best city to invest in

A new study has placed Leicester on top for best city to invest in across the UK.

The report commissioned by Raisin UK analysed the largest cities across the United Kingdom, evaluating the working population, the rates of business survival over one year, the variance in house price changes, the amount of people per job opening and the price of office space per square foot in order to find the best cities to invest in.

These factors were used to rank 30 cities in the UK. Leicester came first place for the best city to invest in, followed by Bristol and then Coventry.

Ranking highly across all key metrics, the city’s diverse working population of 236,880 was seen as a key strength, alongside a strong property market and high business survival rates of 91%.


The report found house prices have increase by 28.3% in Leicester over the past five years, with an average house price of £246,514 in June 2020 according to Zoopla.

The city also offered an abundance of support for high-tech industries, whilst also seeing a resurgence in textile manufacturing alongside thriving automotive and transport industries. 

Other cities in the East Midlands were also featured on the list, with Derby in 21st place and Nottingham in 29th place.

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