Man targeted lone women in Leicester city centre sex attacks

A man who targeted young women in a number of sex attacks in Leicester city centre has been jailed.

Dirson Christopher Jimenez Santana, 29, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one count of assault. He was sentenced to three and a half years at Leicester Crown Court today (Tuesday 31 March).

The attacks took place between August and October 2019, and targeted women in their 20s.

In one incident, Santana approached a young woman on the canal towpath in St Augustine Road and touched her breasts. When the victim challenged Santana, he pushed her into the water.

The other attacks targeted victims as they walked alone through deserted streets in the early hours of the morning.

Santana would grope his lone victims and often get violent when challenged.

Detective Sergeant Jenny Tattersall, who oversaw the investigations, suspects that Santana may have assaulted other women.

She said: “Santana is a predatory sexual offender, who through our investigations, we have found followed these lone women before approaching them and subjecting them to a distressing assault.”

Santana was jailed for a string of sex attacks

“One of the women told police that her mental health has dramatically deteriorated since her assault while another added she has been left feeling anxious and nervous walking out alone at all times of the day.”

“Looking at Santana’s pattern of offending, there is a strong possibility that he may have assaulted other woman who for whatever reason didn’t report the incident to police at the time.”

“I would encourage anyone who may have been approached and subjected to a similar assault to contact police so this report can be investigated.”

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