Leicester gets it’s own version of iconic board game Monopoly

Leicester is getting it’s own edition of the world famous board game Monopoly.

Soon you will be able to buy some of the city’s most famous landmarks such as the King Power Stadium or the National Space Centre and charge all your visitors for stopping by.

A number of cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and even Derby already have their own games, with their local streets and landmarks featuring in the iconic game.

There was a Monopoly game for Leicestershire launched 18 years ago but that was discontinued many years ago.

Residents are being invited to vote for Leicester landmarks and themed Community Chest and Chance cards to feature in the game.

Winning Moves UK, who are producing the game under license from Hasbro, said: “The King Richard III legend and a certain football fairy-tale story have made it absolutely irresistible for us to make this game.”

“Leicester has emerged as a leading world tourist venue, with people flocking to the city to experience at first hand the King Richard III legend.”

“And as they do, they also visit the Cathedral, the National Space Centre, the football stadium and lots of other great landmarks too. We are delighted that the MONOPOLY dice for this year will be rolling on Leicester – and for the very first time.”

The new board game is expected to be available from October, in time for Christmas.