Murdered Leicester jeweller was ‘tortured for security codes’

Four men have gone on trial accused of killing 74-year-old Leicester jeweller Ramniklal Jogiya.

The four men are Callan Reeve (20), Charles Mcauley (20), Thomas Jervis (24) and Javon Roach (30). All the men are from Leicester.

The prosecution told Birmingham Crown Court Mr Jogiya was kidnapped by the group after locking up his shop in Belgrave Road on 24 January. He was then tortured until he gave up the codes to turn off the burglar alarm and access the safe containing gold jewellery.

Trail of murdered Leicester jeweller begins - Leicester Updates
Four men appear in court charged with the murder of Ramniklal Jogiya

The jury was told Mr Jogiya was dumped near the village of Stoughton after giving up the information and died “as a direct result of his injuries”.

The group then found themselves unable to get inside the safe due to a time delay feature that meant it couldn’t be opened for 12 hours, even with the correct codes.

Mr Jogiya’d body was found the next morning in Gaulby Lane, Stoughton.

Callan Reeve, Charles McAuley and Thomas Jervis have pleaded guilty to kidnap and robbery, but deny murder and manslaughter. Javon Roach has denied all charges.

The trial continues.