Man rescued at sea after driving to Cornwall from Leicester

A man who drove to Cornwall from Leicester sparked a major rescue operation when he got into trouble in the waters off Poldhu.

The man had gone kayaking when he got into difficulty. His Kayak overturned and the man was stuck in the water for 30 minutes before being spottted.

Luckily, someone working at a care home in Poldhu saw the man and called the coastguard.

A major rescue operation was deployed to bring the man to safety. By the time the man was rescued, he had been stuck in the water for around an hour and a half.

A spokesman for Falmouth Coastguard said: “Unfortunately, this encapsulates all our concerns in one incident.”

“This person had driven down from Leicester, spent some time in his car, had then gone out in a Kayak on his own, no way of raising the alarm, and if he had not been spotted by that one member of the public, it is almost certain we would be dealing with a fatality.”

“All of the safety measures we ask people to take had been overlooked.”

“That’s our fear over the forthcoming days, that everybody looks at the these conditions, the lockdown has been eased, and people will be desperate to get back into the water.”

The coastguard are urging people to take appropriate safety measures if they go out on the water. This includes people wearing life jackets, not doing anything they are not used to doing and if something goes wrong, having a way of letting someone know.

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