Leicester man mistakenly circumcised in hospital mix-up

A man from Leicester was mistakenly circumcised in a hospital mix-up, a new report has revealed.

The error happened at one of Leicester’s hospitals when the patient was admitted to have a cystoscopy (where a camera is inserted into the bladder).

But surgeons instead performed the circumcision after mixing up his medical notes with another patient who was meant to have a circumcision in September 2018.

The incident was revealed in a report put together by the Clinical Commissioning Group, who said the procedure could have been avoided.

The report also outlined another eight incidents last year, in which patients were given or underwent the wrong procedure at Leicester’s hospitals.

This included a patient having a hip nail implanted on the wrong side and a swab being left in a child after a surgical procedure.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust said it was deeply sorry and that it was committed to learning and improving.

However, it did not provide an answer when asked how the circumcision incident was allowed to happen.