Leicester mum loses half her body weight after getting stuck in rollercoaster

A mother-of-two has lost half her body weight after being left embarrassed when she became stuck on a rollercoaster ride at a theme park.

Laura Cosbie, 35, from Leicester was nearly 19st (120kgs) when she got wedged in a ride at Alton Towers. She vowed to turn her life around after it took three men to free her from the ride.

Over the last six years Laura has lost 9st and has swapped her size 24 jeans for a slinky size 10.

Now she helps others on their weight loss journeys and has just been named Slimming World’s Consultant Slimmer of the Year 2018.

Laura said she was so out of shape she could not climb a single flight of stairs without feeling breathless.

Mother to Joshua, 12, and Charlotte, 9, Laura realised that as her children grew older she needed to make a change or risk missing out on important memories.

The turning point came after she and her husband went to Alton Towers and she became stuck on the ‘Air’ ride.

She said: “After a bit of a struggle I managed to get the harness to fit, but as the ride started I began to panic that it wouldn’t be able to hold my weight and cried the whole way round.”

“When we finally came to a stop I desperately tried to unclip my harness and get out, but it wouldn’t budge.”

“Eventually it took three men to get me out and I was so mortified – especially as everyone in the queue looked on – that we just went straight home afterwards.”

Laura joined Slimming World after seeing the success of a friend on social media. She soon got into the swing of things and started cooking meals from scratch rather than depending on ready meals and takeaways.

She said: “It blew me away I could eat good things and still lose weight. My ambition was to get to 15st (95kg) and when I saw that on the scales I knew I could do more, and that self-confidence was incredible.”

She has also been back to Alton Towers recently and “even went on the children’s rides”.