Leicester named one of the cheapest university cities for students

If you are thinking of heading to uni but haven’t made up your mind yet, a new study from marbles.com reveals which city would allow you to stretch your money the most.

The study has analysed the average weekly cost of rent, travel, a pint, kebab and social activities such as the cinema and gym to work out what Britain’s cheapest university is.

Leicester has been ranked fifth in the league of most affordable places in the UK to be a student. The city offers the cheapest travel pass and is also very competitive when it comes to taxi fares, cinema tickets, dining out for two and the price of a pint.

The Cheapest University Towns 2017

The places ranked higher than Leicester in the Top 5 were Lincoln in first position, followed by Strathclyde, Cardiff and Belfast.

Leicester came joint top with Loughborough for cheapest travel passes, costing an average of just £29 per month.

It also had one of the cheapest pints, at an average of £3.10, and one of the lowest priced meals out for two at £40.

At other end of the table, London was one of the most expensive places to be a student, with high weekly rents and travel costs.

The study revealed a clear north south divide, with towns in the North and Midlands offering the greatest value for money.

This may be an important consideration for students, who not only won’t have much spare cash, but could leave their university with quite a lot of debt.

You can view the full results here