Leicester Tigers bring festive cheer to City hospitals

Leicester Tigers players bought some festive cheer and handed out early Christmas presents to patients, family members and staff during visits to Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield Hospital.

The players handed out goodie bags, T-shirts and chocolates, as they chatted and joked with patients and their families.

The fun turned to delight for one of the young patients, when two of the rugby stars played with her, pretending to pass her to each other like a rugby ball.

While part of the Tigers team visited the Leicester Royal Infirmary, the other half spread the Christmas cheer at Glenfield Hospital.

Scrum-half, Sam Harrison said: “I’ve got two girls myself, aged three and 18-months, who were both born here at the Infirmary. So I realise how important the work all the staff do here is”.

Graham Kitchener said: “The club is part of the community and we get such wonderful support from all the fans”.

He added: “It’s not easy being in hospital, especially when you are young, so I’m glad we’re able to put a smile on a few faces”.