Syston woman travels 3 hours for Tinder date only to be called ‘fat’ and dumped

A woman from Leicester who travelled for three hours to see a man she met on Tinder claims she was called ‘fat’ and dumped when she turned up for their date.

Jade Savage set up a GoFundMe page as a joke to claw back the £93 the date cost her – and has raised £755 so far.

She travelled 40 miles from her home in Syston, Leicestershire, to Peterborough to meet her date – but when he saw her he said she had put weight on since their last meeting a month ago.

When Jade told him he was being rude and acting like a ‘pr***’, the man got offended and told her she had to go home.

Jade said: “So he took me back to the train station 5 minutes later. He then offered to give me the £90 travel money back and blocked me when I said yeah.”

Jade said she set up the GoFundMe page so that she could make the travel money back and ‘buy wine and sticks of lard’.

But she had the last laugh as pledges poured in last night. One donor said her date was ‘a fool’ while another pledged cash to her ‘next, hopefully better date”.

Jade told The Sun: “I see the funny side, that’s why I set up the page. It’s got me my money back which obviously I’m very grateful for.”

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