Leicestershire couple trapped on cruise ship struck with Coronavirus

A couple from Leicestershire are worried about when they will be allowed back home after passengers on their cruise ship tested positive for Coronavirus.

Justine Griffin and her husband Dave have been on holiday on the Grand Princess cruise along with four other friends when their ship was forced to go into quarantine.

The couple have not tested positive for the virus, however they are increasingly getting worried about the situation as they don’t have any information about their return to the UK.

It is understood the ship is due to dock in Oakland, California, sometime today. However, passengers who require immediate treatment and residents from California will only be allowed to disembark.


The couple have said they do not know what will happen to passengers from other countries.

Mrs Griffin said: “We won’t be getting off tomorrow as we are at the bottom of the list. First the sick, then Californians, then any other Americans.”

“The longer it takes to get us to England the longer we’re away from our family. We both have medical appointments to attend, and Dave is having a shoulder replacement operation.”

“I’ve just got in contact with our MP back in England to try and see what’s happening.”

“I had to tell my youngest child I’m not coming home and I don’t know when I will be. He was so upset – he’s only eight and we’re his special guardians so he doesn’t deal well with things changing, it’s heartbreaking.”

The ship is operated by Princess Cruises, who also own the Diamond Princess, which was placed into quarantine in Japan last month after a British man onboard died of the virus.

Health officials have also confirmed today that another person in Leicestershire has tested positive for Coronavirus, taking the total confirmed cases in the county to three.

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