Leicestershire farmer’s heartbreak as 55 cows die in suspected poisoning

A Leicestershire farmer was horrified to find 55 of his cows dead in a suspected poisoning at his farm.

An investigation is currently underway after farmer Tom Rawson discovered dozens of dead livestock at his farm in Houghton on the Hill on Tuesday 19 June.

Mr Rawson, who runs Evolution Farming, said they first realised they had a problem when 10 cows “suddenly collapsed, showing symptoms of severe bloat”.

More cows continued to fall ill and the team, alongside the vet, battled through the night to save them.

They managed to save 30 cows, however tragically lost 55.

Mr Rawson believes the deaths are due to “external water source contamination”. He said it was his worst night as a farmer.

The fire service were called to deliver thousands of litres of uncontaminated water to the farm.

An investigation is now under way into the cause. Mr Rawson said the farm’s water supply is isolated but Severn Trent was notified as a precaution.