Leicestershire Police cash in on eBay selling items seized from criminals

Leicestershire Police are selling luxury cars and designer clothes on the force’s eBay site.

The items were seized from three individuals who were issued with confiscation orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Charlie Smith, Alfred Adams and John Doran, were convicted in April 2018 for a series of ATM breaks.

The items for sale include a Mercedes E350D AMG, a BMW X5, a BMW 1 Series, designer clothing, Crown Royal Derby China and high value jewellery.


Leicestershire Police was the first force in the country to use eBay to auction property in this way.

The site is used to sell surplus police goods, items that have either been recovered during a police investigation and not been claimed or reunited with their owners, and property that has been confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

Paul Wenlock from the force’s economic crime unit, said: “Those who choose to take the path of criminality should not be allowed to benefit from their crimes.”

Cars seized from criminals will be auctioned on eBay

“When an individual is convicted of offences we have the powers to approach the courts and apply for confiscation orders under POCA.”

The site is hugely beneficial in generating income from property which would either lie in storage or over time be destroyed. In the last seven months, over £230,000 worth of goods have been sold on the site.

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