Lost cat returns home after nine years

A woman was astonished after being reunited with her cat who disappeared from her garden in Leicester nine years ago.

Victoria Roberts said she was ‘surprised’ when Spike was found fifteen miles from where he went missing.

Spike was last seen in her garden in Thornhill Road, Leicester, in 2010. He was reported as a stray in the St James Road area of Shepshed last month.

He was taken in by the RSPCA, who checked his microchip, leading him to his owner.

The RSPCA contacted Ms Roberts, who was astonished Spike had been found safe and unharmed after so many years.

Ms Roberts said: “We were surprised he was found about 15 miles away from where he went missing and assume he may have hitched a ride in a car or someone took him but then didn’t want him.”

“It’s amazing to think he survived all these years outside and apart from an eye infection, which was treated, appeared in good health.”

In a statement RSPCA said: “It is great to have a happy ending like this and just goes to show the importance of microchipping your pets.”