Man duped victims out of £330k with lottery scam

A man who duped a number of people out of thousands of pounds on the promise they would get a share of a winning lottery ticket has been jailed.

Herito Marquez, 42, pleaded guilty to eleven counts of conspiracy to commit fraud, including two offences in Leicester.

He appeared at Isleworth Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday 7 April) and was sentenced to four and half years in prison.

The scam involved Marquez, and an unidentified man, approaching elderly or vulnerable people in the street and claiming they had won the lottery, but due to their immigration status they couldn’t claim the winnings.

If the victims helped them claim the winnings, they promised them a share of the jackpot. Before they could get the cash, the victims were asked to handover cash or jewellery to secure their stake in the winnings.

The offences were committed in Leicester, Birmingham and Hounslow, London.  More than £330,000 was taken from 11 victims.

Marquez was arrested in Kent.  His accomplice has not yet been identified.

Detective Sergeant Fraser McIntosh said: “Marquez knew exactly what he was doing.  He had no qualms about duping the victims out of large sums of money and items of jewellery.”

“He looked and sounded genuine.  Some victims lost their life savings at the hands of Marquez and his associate.”

“We are pleased he has pleaded guilty to his part in the fraud and we hope this sentence reassures the local community that we will leave no stone unturned to find and put these offenders before the courts.”

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