Loughborough chosen for national tennis academy

Loughborough University has been chosen as one of two new national tennis academies.

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has said it will open in September 2019 and will work with players mainly aged between 14 and 18.

The programmes will be designed to nurture these youngsters as people, players and performers.

Players who demonstrate the greatest future potential in the sport will be selected and supported with world-class coaching, science, medicine, and welfare expertise, whilst also being provided an excellent mainstream education up to at least GCSE-level.

It is hoped Loughborough, along with the other academy in Stirling, will help Britain become one of the most respected nations in the world for tennis player development.

John Steele, executive director of sport at Loughborough University, said the institution was “absolutely delighted” to have been chosen.

He added: “Our world-class facilities, internationally recognised sports science offer and unique sporting ecosystem, combined with a partnership with Loughborough Endowed Schools Foundation, provides the structure and foundation to make the LTA’s vision a reality.“

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