Generosity of locals sees homeless man in hotel over festive season

A kind gesture by a man who paid for a homeless persons accommodation over Christmas has sparked others to help. Over £1,600 has been raised in two days, ensuring the homeless man has a bed over Christmas and into the New Year.

Paul met the homeless man, Adam, in Loughborough town centre on Christmas Eve. As they got chatting, he learned Adam had been sleeping rough for two months after losing his job and breaking up with his partner.

Paul decided to help and paid for Adam to stay at the Loughborough Travelodge for three nights over Christmas.

After Paul’s friends heard about this on Facebook, they along with other complete strangers rang the hotel and paid for Adam to stay at the hotel for longer.


Paul also set up a crowdfunding page to help Adam. The page has raised over £1,600 in just two days, enough to cover a 3 month shorthold tenancy in a bedsit.

However, Paul is reluctant to take any credit, saying he was just a catalyst and it is the generosity of others that has really helped.

He said: “I think it’s the time of year and people are more willing to help others, but it is just one human being trying to help another human being, and I have had one of the best Christmases trying to help this gentleman”.

If you would like to donate to the page visit here